Gypsy Devils 4 China


China again in 2016!
Project Gypsy Devils 4 China is a special selection from Gypsy Devils' own huge music production. This unique project offers several of the best musical arrangements typical with their extraordinary virtuousity and include fusions of many musical styles like classic, ethno, world music, jazz, gypsy music, international folk, flamenco and much more. This unique style is also known as "Gypsy Devils Style".
The project also includes few melodies from the newest music-dance theatre performance from Gypsy Devils' production - "GYPSY DEVILS play CARMEN", really popular in Europe recently.
Epecially for this unique show there are some beautiful Slovak traditional songs that depict Slovak culture and Slovak roots to great Chineese audience.
And a special gift for the audience in a form of one of the most popular Chineese songs is a must...